Dr. Girdhari Lal Singal

  • 27th December, 2017

Dr. Girdharilal Singal stands tall with his immense experience in the pharmaceutical vigilance
industry. As a stalwart of Food and Drugs Control Administration of Haryana State HQ for over 10
years he has over 13 publications in national and international journals of repute.
With his commitment and full dedication, Dr. Singal became Joint Commissioner and State Drugs
Controller for Haryana from 2012-14. He represented the country as a temporary advisor in 49th
WHO-Expert Committee on Specifications for Pharmaceutical Preparation in Geneva (Switzerland)
from 13-17,Oct.2014. His vast experience in the pharmacovigilance and medicolegal field have seen him  participate in many international conferences and present insightful papers at national and international forums.
He has been part of WHO/HAI workshops and conferences too. Dr. Singal’s knowledge and expertise
is an asset to the CliniExperts Advisory Board. Dr. Singal was also associated with Ranbaxy Ltd as a Research Scientist for Product Development in the initial years before pledging his efforts for the Haryana State administration for the next decades
to come.