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Over the years, through careful monitoring of changing laws and liaison meetings working with apex regulatory bodies, we at CliniExperts have developed an in-depth understanding of the rules and guidelines set by the FSSAI. Our dedicated team of experts handles all matters related to FSSAI compliance and import assistance to help you attain your license without any inconvenience.

Product Compliance as per FSSAI Guidelines

Compliance Check for Formula
Categorization of Products/Ingredients
Label and Claims Validation
Claims Substantiation

FSSAI License (Form C) – Registration, State and Central License

State License
Central License

Non – Specified Product/ Ingredient Approval

New Additives
Food and ingredients isolated from Microorganisms
Novel Food and Ingredients


IEC Number
FSSAI Importers License
Product Compliance
Non – Specified Product/ Ingredient Approval
Sanitary Import Permit for Food Products and Ingredients

Product Compliance as Per FSSAI GUIDLINES

An FSSAI license alone is not enough for businesses to enter the market. They must also comply with the Food Safety and Standards Regulations set by the FSSAI. These guidelines are subject to constant revisions, making it difficult for Food Business Operators (FBOs) to keep up with them. Which is why, we at CliniExperts provide complete support to ensure products and facilities remain compliant with FSSAI guidelines at all times. As regulatory consultants, we offer expert guidance and solutions through the following services:

and central License

Our extensive network and professional liaison with regulatory authorities means we are fully equipped to help a range of FBOs — such as manufacturers, retailers, caterers, restaurants, wholesalers, distributors, re-labellers, re-packers, and food storage units — to swiftly attain their FSSAI-certified licenses.

We also help modify and renew licenses, and obtain duplicate licenses as and when required.

Non– Specified Product/ Ingredient Approval

FBOs that manufacture or import the products falling outside the purview of established Food standards and categorization system, are required to file an application for the Non-Specified Food Product or Ingredient Approval with FSSAI in the applicable category:

Regulatory bodies are organizations that have the responsibility to scrutinize, steer and manage different sectors in order to ensure the safety of consumers. Such bodies are formulated by the Government in sectors like the drug industry, cosmetic industry and food industry to regulate and control the quality of products that are made accessible to consumers through the market. Brief descriptions of some apex regulatory bodies that govern the Indian markets are:

Important Assistance

We provide complete regulatory solutions for Food Business Operators trying to venture in India and the Indian importers of food products for all the compliance related activities as per the regulatory requirements, helping them understand and overcome the regulatory obstacles.

Entry to Indian Market

An Import Export Code is a 10-digit number, a mandatory requirement to carry out any import-export business in India, is issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade. We aid you with attaining a new code, as well as renewing and modifying codes


All FBOs who wish to import any foods, such as finished products, ingredients, additive, processing aids, enzymes, microbes, prebiotics, probiotics etc. are mandatorily required to have an FSSAI Importer License issued by the Central Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. We offer assistance in filing the new application, renewal, and modification of the same.

FSSAI Importers

We conduct thorough checks to ensure imported products meet the regulatory standards and guidelines set by FSSAI. Further, we also leverage our expertise to help you attain approvals for non-specified food ingredients.

Product Compliance as per FSSAI Guidelines & Non-specified Product Approvals

In addition to routine guidelines that hold true for all food products in India, FBOs that import food products & ingredients of animal origin are legally mandated to have a special permit issued by the Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries. The department also issues sanitary import permits for other non-food products like bovine, ovine and caprine embryos, ova, and semen.

Import Permit


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