Pesticide and Insecticide

Pesticide and Insecticide

Meeting the agricultural demands of the ever increasing Indian population needs continued innovation.Agriculture is the backbone of India and its economy. A good agricultural yield depends on various factors including seeds, fertilizers and pesticides. Pesticides are chemicals used to destroy, suppress or repel any unwanted plants or animals, particularly those hindering the optimum yield of the end product. Pesticides can be divided into several subcategories including fungicides, bactericides, rodenticides, herbicides and insecticides.

The role of Central Insecticides Board & Registration Committee (CIBRC)

In India, the use of pesticides is regulated by the CIBRC and the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). Any individual or organization intending to manufacture, import or export pesticides should register their product with CIBRC. The CIBRC then analyses the product for potential risk to human and animal health, its environmental impact and usefulness in agriculture. The use of pesticides is mainly governed by the Insecticides Act, 1968, and Insecticides Rules, 1971. The maximum residue limits of registered pesticides are determined by FSSAI. Products treated with pesticides during cultivation or storage may contain their residues, which are eventually consumed by humans. FSSAI’s role is to carefully assess that these residue limits do not exceed those acceptable for human consumption.

Registration of Pesticides

The CIBRC has set guidelines for pesticides sale in the country. Any individual or company, intending to either manufacture or import any type of pesticides to India, needs to submit an application for the registration of their product to CIBRC.

The submission of this application involves several technicalities. The application is to be done to the registration committee. Details regarding the active ingredients need to be specified. After receiving the application, along with the recommended fee, the committee conducts chemical, physical and microscopic tests and enquiries to confirm the claims made by the manufacturer or importer as far as the utility of the pesticide is concerned.

If the application is found to be valid,a registration number is allocated and a certificate of registration is then made available within a period of 12 months.

Registration of Herbicides

  • Herbicides are used to destroy unwanted plants and are in great demand in the agricultural industry. Any herbicide intended for use in India needs to be registered with CIBRC under section 9(3)/9(3B)/9(4).
  • Details regarding its active ingredients, chemical formulation, bio-efficacy, etc. need to be provided.
  • Maximum residue limits of herbicides is a major concern and all documented proofs need to be provided. Failure to adhere to the maximum residue limits set by the FSSAI may lead to the banning of the product.
  • Note that a separate set of guidelines is to be followed for the use of a combination of two registered herbicides. The registration committee will issue a certificate of registration after the verification of the application.

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Registration of Insecticides

All insecticides to be used in India for commercial or domestic purposes need to be registered with CIBRC.

  • Any application for the registration of insecticide under the Insecticides Act, 1968, shall be made via Form I.
  • An appropriately filled form with details regarding formulation, active ingredients and other necessary documents are key for the acceptance of the application.
  • Persons who were already importing or manufacturing a particular product must make an application within 17 months of date of beginning the import or production of the insecticide.

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Registration of Technical

Guidelines have been formulated for registering a formulation of pesticides for manufacture within India without the registration of technical. These are available in Annexure A of the CIBRC.

Registration of Formulation

There are a gamut of registrations to be filled out for formulations. The exact ingredients of the formulations, their quantities, their source, physical and chemical properties, details about the manufacturing process, toxicity details all need to be mentioned in great detail in the forms to obtain approval. These forms need to fill for not just new formulations, but for extension of their shelf life, addition of a new ingredient, etc.

Registration of Household Pesticides

Although the use of household pesticides is common and is a highly lucrative business, its registration is a tedious process.

  • Only the technical grade pesticide formulations registered under the Insecticide Act, 1968, can be used in the manufacture of household pesticides.
  • Several details such as the chemical composition of the formulation used and the percentages of the ingredients used, along with their identity and physiochemical properties need to be provided.
  • Information about the raw material used along with the source of supply is needed.
  • An analytical test report of a particular batch of the product analysing all parameters listed by the registration committee is required. This report should be obtained from a renowned national or international laboratory that specialises in such tests.

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Import Assistance on RTT

As per the Registration committee meeting held in 2012, a permission is needed to import for purpose of Research, Test and Trial (RTT). A completed Form C, technical bulletin from inventor, detailed information of chemistry, bio efficacy and toxicity needs to be provided to obtain the permit. CliniExperts team ensures rapid clearance of licenses by assisting in thorough document compilation in the very first go.

Import Permit of Insecticides for Non-Insecticidal Use

It is imperative to obtain the due Import permit for importing insecticides that are not intended to be used as insecticides. A stock register needs to be maintained by the manufacturer or importer in Form XV for all technical grade insecticides, and Form XVI for all formulation based insecticides. The permit can be obtained only after the registration committee does its analysis and gives a green signal.

Enhancement of Shelf Life of Pesticides and Insecticides

Due application needs to be made for extending the already mentioned shelf life on pesticides and insecticides in sale. Practical and documentary proof needs to be provided to the registration committee explaining why the shelf life can be increased.

How CliniExperts can help

CliniExperts are pioneers in aiding manufactures with registering their pesticides with CIBRC in India. We also provide complete guidance on acquiring necessary permissions for the export of pesticides manufactured in India. Furthermore, this is a one stop solution for international companies intending to introduce their products in the Indian market. We take care of the entire regulatory process involved in importing the product to India.


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