FSSAI Compliance Services

  • 12th July, 2016

Leading FSSAI License Consultant in India

CliniExperts facilitates speedy product approval from FSSAI to gain fast-paced entry into the lucrative Indian food market.

Intricacies of food compliance in India

  • FSSA, 2006 stipulates strict adherence to basic requirements to launch any product in the Indian market
  • Requirements involve ascertaining the RDA limits of vitamins and minerals levels in food products as prescribed by ICMR; FSSAI labeling as per FSSR, 2011; and other complications.

Why CliniExperts?

  • We have a proven track record of supporting numerous prestigious brands achieve fast product license approval from FSSAI;
  • Our accomplished team of seasoned professionals possess the needful insights, experience and exhaustive knowledge that would secure rapid approval through FSSAI compliance for various guidelines.
  • You can start marketing your products quickly without having to run from pillar to post aimlessly for conformity to FSSAI norms.

A glance at our services

We have divided our pre- marketing FSSAI compliance services in 4 broad categories.


  • We guide you on the product formulation w.r.t. essential ingredient and additives to conform to ICMR guidelines, Codex, EFSA, WHO, TGA, Health Canada and other regulatory bodies.
  • We suggest the correct Food Category System name along with the allowed ingredients and additives specified for the category to facilitate immediate product launch.


  • We keep you updated on the ingredient status as demanded by extant FSSAI regulation
  • We align your product’s ingredient standards as per FSSAI norms
  • We analyze and guide on additive content
  • We adhere to ICMR guidelines for RDA analysis
  • We extend assistance regarding additives, preservatives, color, flavor.

Being an FSSAI license consultant, our expertise in the arena of food labelling services includes offering right advice for:

  • Label content development
  • Information on included nutrients
  • Placing proper nutritional and ingredients claims
  • Placing non-specific health claims like content claim
  • Designing main display panels
  • Applying Veg/ Non Veg Symbol strategically
  • Font format of numeric, alphabets and logos
  • Declaring color additives and flavors in food
  • Storage instructions declaration
  • Inclusion of manufacturing details
  • Inclusion of importer details if required
  • Inclusion of marketer details if required
  • Placing proper instructions for use

We will not desert you! Our strategic alliance would last till you acquire the needful FSSAI approval and license..

The new FSSAI notification released on 26th August, 2015 has sent a wave of fearful anticipation among food products’ companies!

FSSAI, in compliance to Hon’ble Supreme Court’s order, has stopped product approval till further notification.

Our robust network and contact chain ensure that you get to submit your approval application at the right place for expeditious approval by showcasing proper FSSAI compliance.

Our efficient team members will stay by your side, offering needful guidance, as and when required to pull off hassle-free approval at optimal cost.