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    Why do you require an Authorized agent support for food? Food and Food Products have to go through many verifications and quality checks while being imported to India to ensure its quality and safety as per the FSSAI norms. CliniExperts can be your local partners for all such activities so that you don't have to worry about these tedious regulatory hassles and just focus on sales, distribution and marketing your products in India. With a well-trained and seasoned CliniExperts team, we guide and assist you for end to end for approvals, claim, labelling, smooth import and sale of your Food products into India.

    Authorized Agent For
    FOOD – Overview

    “Food Importer” means a Food Business Operator importing or desirous of importing article of food into Indian territory, who is duly licensed as Importer under the Food Safety and Standards (Licensing and Registration of Food Businesses) Regulations, 2011 made under the Act.

    Who Would Need
    An Authorized Agent Service?

    Any foreign company who want to capture the Indian market but does not have its business operations or partner in India.

    Services CliniExperts Provides As An Authorized Agent


    CliniExperts is an Authorized Agent for importing Food and Food Products in India approved by the FSSAI

    CliniExpert acts as the point of contact between the company and the distributors in India

    CliniExperts can smoothly manage the documentation for getting an FSSAI license to market food products. CliniExperts teams also guide regarding the safety standards and regulations for food products

    We can be your single point of imports for authorized distribution of products to the distributors.

    As an Authorized Agent it will manage the imports of the product and its customs clearance

    Our team will also guide you in categorizing the products/ingredients for a better penetration into Indian market.

    We will support you in authorization and claims validation of the Quality of Food Products.

    Responsibilities of
    Authorized Agent

    An Authorized Agent takes care of all the licensing and approvals needed for your organization to make it easy to enter the market, distribute and reach the targeted clients

    The authorized agent is also responsible for testing the product/ingredient at the FSSAI approved NABL accredited laboratory.

    Authorized Agents must have a valid license approved by the FSSAI and the Central Licensing Authority for conducting the required duties.

    Authorized Agents make sure that the updates in regulation and guidelines are followed for compliance for your Food Products.

    Ancillary certification will be taken care of by the authorized agent.

    An Authorized Agent will manage your imports and assist in Customs clearance.

    The Authorized Agent will guide in approval from the FSSAI regarding formulation, categorization, labels, and claims.

    Authorized Agent has to take care of the Special permit issued by The Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries under the Ministry of Agriculture to import products of birds, animals and insects origin.

    The Authorized Agent will analyze the targeted distributors depending on your product needs.

    The agent shall deposit the licensing renewal fees with the Central Licensing Authority on approaching the validity of expiry (latest 60 days prior to expiry) from the date of its issue or atleast 30 days before the expiry of this license.

    Authorized Agent is responsible for pre-certification and post-market surveillance inquiries.

    Essential Tips


    The essential documents required to import Food and Food Products are:

    A valid IEC.

    A valid importer and marker license approved by the FSSAI

    Importer and packager registration under Rule no 27 of Legal Metrology

    AQ NOC for Animal containing products

    Appointment letter for an Authorized Agent

    Expert Advise

    As an importer, it is essential to take care of the documentation, claims, formulation, labels, and lab test reports to ensure they adhere to FSSAI norms

    Any products without authorization will be rejected for imports.

    Primary Service


    Regulatory Body: SLA   Application Forms: Form 19

    Approval of any product for its product compliance is a task that requires focus and has to be done with keeping the regulatory requirements in mind. At CliniExperts, our FSSAI compliance team is well-versed in the guidelines and norms to be followed for quick and easy approval of your product.

    Who Can Apply

    Product compliance is an essential aspect for a Food business operator. It indicates that the product manufactured/imported/marketed is according to the standards and regulations of the country. The approval of product compliance also avoids any legal actions or penalties for the food business operator. In addition, it also saves a lot of time and money towards establishing a reliable brand in the minds of the users.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why I need these services?

    To launch or introduce any products from foreign land to Indian land, product shall be registered by an Indian establishment on their legal entity name in India. A foreign company who doesn’t have its establishment or any business partner in India and wants to market its products in India, then they have to appoint Indian agent who is having legal entity in India.

    What are the benefits to hire you in place of my own distributor in India?

    Since only one Indian Authorized Representative office is needed for the whole country to operate business in India. If in case, you have your own distributor and in future may be not getting business or looking for another distributor, then to appoint another distributor, you have to process the registration process again. With CliniExperts, Registration process will be a one-time activity as it doesn’t impact business on changing the Indian distributor. With CliniExperts, you can appoint and change multiple distributors at one time, if not meeting business expectations. Here you can define CliniExperts as a Neutral party for your business operation in India. CliniExperts is a leading regulatory and business consultancy in India. This has a major advantage to foreign company while doing the registration in India Setup an Indian subsidiary is a costly affair, yearly annual compliances, accounting, stringent penalties

    • Complexities of company act
    • Taxation policy
    • Closure clause – easy to start but difficult to exit

    What additional services you are offering along with these services?

    • Import assistance and customs clearance support
    • Stickering and label compliance
    • Warehouse and CFA support to distribute your products
    • Distributor’s identification to identify and map potential distributors to launch your products in India
    • Launch of product on various e-commerce channel
    • Post-market surveillance and Pre-certification support

    What sales model you are offering?

    Focus on your business and increase the reach in India market, as we are acting a neutral party with taking care of registration, import and seamless logistics support round the clock

    What is the legal compliance to opt these services?

    The appointed Authorized Agent is legally responsible for pre-certification and post-market surveillance inquiries. If in future any complaints or market feedback reported, product recall request placed or any compensation need to be made, then all legal compliances shall be covered by actual manufactures to CliniExperts.

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