Shelf life Extension

Shelf life Extension

Permission for Shelf life Extension is a post registration process and is obtained from the Import & Registration Division of CDSCO. When the manufacturer finds that the shelf life of the product is more than that claimed on the label, from further stability testing of his product, after obtaining the registration certificate, he can apply for the Shelf Life Extension.

A preformed checklist is required to be followed to obtain this permission which has following documents:

  1. Covering letter
  2. Copy of manufacturing license
  3. Copy of Real time and Accelerated stability data for the applied drugs
  4. Certificate of Analysis (COA) from three consecutive batches of the product
  5. Original Purchase order from overseas/Indian buyer for the applied products
  6. Shelf-life approval of the products from National Regulatory Authority
  7. An undertaking from overseas/Indian buyer
  8. Original Labels of the product

After obtaining the Shelf Life Extension from CDSCO for the product, the manufacturer can claim for the provided shelf life on the labels and market in the importing country.


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