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    CliniExperts has expertise starting from documentation to marketing of cosmetics. The seasoned team can guide your company to reach its complete growth potential by identifying appropriate distributor channels and e-commerce platforms. The strategies of the CliniExperts team stand apart from the market owing to the deep industry networks and market intelligence.

    Authorized Agent For
    Cosmetics – Overview

    A foreign company who doesn’t have its establishment in India, wants to enter India market, then they can appoint an authorized agent to register and market their products in India.

    An “Authorized Agent” means a person or entity in India authorized by the foreign company. The authorized agent will be responsible for the import and business activities of the foreign company in India including compliance to the provisions of the Drugs and Cosmetics Acts in all respects.

    Authorized Agent must possess a valid wholesale license meant for the sale and distribution of products or services in India and should be able to file an application to Central Licensing Authority for Cosmetic registration in India.

    Who Would Need
    An Authorized Agent Service?

    Any foreign company who want to capture the Indian market but does not have its business operations or partner in India.

    Services CliniExperts Provides As An Authorized Agent


    CliniExperts provides 360-degree regulatory solutions to Cosmetic brands who wish to enter the Indian market. Backed by years of experience and a deep industry network with all the necessary vendors and distributors, CliniExperts offers insightful analysis of the current scenario of the cosmetic industry in India.

    Before going into the details, as an Authorized Agent, CliniExperts will analyse your product feasibility regarding Indian market standards. The cosmetic industry is getting updated with various new norms and regulations. As an Authorized Agent, CliniExperts will keep track of such criteria for smooth trade of your cosmetic product.

    Get registered with CliniExperts for Cosmetic Certification; Cos 2 offers registration for cosmetics under the New Cosmetics Rule 2020, Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 and Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945 laid down by the CDSCO. As your Authorized agent, CliniExperts will take care of the documentation according to national, state, or district guidelines as regards labelling and marketing.

    Responsibilities of
    Authorized Agent

    CliniExperts is an Authorized Agent to market and distribute cosmetics in India.

    The company wishing to register and import cosmetics in India should have a valid IEC document. As an Authorized Agent, this will be taken care of by CliniExperts.

    As an Authorized Agent, Authorization from manufacturer must be duly authenticated by the manufacturer in India before a First-Class Magistrate or in the country of the origin of the company, under the laws before the competent authority of that country or by the authority under the First Schedule.

    An authorized agent must manage the registration for import of the cosmetic product into India, via an online portal of the Central Government. Only Authorized Agents with appropriate License, such as CliniExperts, can apply for the registration.

    The Authorized Agent will deposit the registration certificate retention fees with the Central Licensing Authority before completion of every five years term, from its date of issue.

    Authorized Agents also make sure that your cosmetic product complies with all the prohibition guidelines regarding importing cosmetics.

    The Authorized Agent will handle imports and manage the custom clearance of the cosmetics.

    Authorized Agents must manage the recall of a cosmetic product from the market if any issues related to consumer health come to their knowledge.

    Authorized Agent must inform the Central Licensing or State Licensing Authority regarding any harmful cosmetic products in the market which they are aware to be potentially unsafe for the user.

    Essential Tips


    A valid IEC certificate is required before entering the Indian Market

    Importer and packer registrationunder Rule no 27 of Legal Metrology

    An Authorized Agent to conduct distribution, imports, and clearance

    Expert Advise

    Being in the cosmetic market for a decade, CliniExperts advises that a specific format must be followed from manufacturer.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why I need these services?

    To launch or introduce any products from foreign land to Indian land, product shall be registered by an Indian establishment on their legal entity name in India. A foreign company who doesn’t have its establishment or any business partner in India and wants to market its products in India, then they have to appoint Indian agent who is having legal entity in India.

    What are the benefits to hire you in place of my own distributor in India?

    Since only one Indian Authorized Representative office is needed for the whole country to operate business in India. If in case, you have your own distributor and in future may be not getting business or looking for another distributor, then to appoint another distributor, you have to process the registration process again. With CliniExperts, Registration process will be a one-time activity as it doesn’t impact business on changing the Indian distributor. With CliniExperts, you can appoint and change multiple distributors at one time, if not meeting business expectations. Here you can define CliniExperts as a Neutral party for your business operation in India. CliniExperts is a leading regulatory and business consultancy in India. This has a major advantage to foreign company while doing the registration in India Setup an Indian subsidiary is a costly affair, yearly annual compliances, accounting, stringent penalties.

    • - Complexities of company act
    • - Taxation policy
    • - Closure clause
    • – easy to start but difficult to exit

    What additional services are you providing along with these services?

    CliniExperts as an Authorized Agent that manages your custom clearance and imports assistance for rapid clearance of cosmetic products.

    • CliniExperts team keeps track of the changes and new guidelines and works accordingly on the documentation and labelling of cosmetic products as per all prescribed norms.
    • CliniExperts provides warehouse and CFA support for the distribution of cosmetic product.
    • CliniExperts team has over a decade’s experience of working with logistics, that can help you provide the best distributors with a wide reach all across the country for your cosmetics.
    • CliniExperts team is skilled to handle e-commerce platforms and digital marketing. We can help sale and distribution by marketing your cosmetic on all available e-commerce platform.
    • CliniExperts team has been working in the cosmetics sector for over a decade now and can guide your organization in post-marketing surveillance and pre-certification as well.

    What sales model you are offering?

    Focus on your business and increase the reach in India market, as we are acting a neutral party with taking care of registration, import and seamless logistics support round the clock

    What is the legal compliance to opt these services?

    The appointed Authorized Agent is legally responsible for pre-certification and post-market surveillance inquiries. If in future any complaints or market feedback reported, product recall request placed or any compensation need to be made, then all legal compliances shall be covered by actual manufactures to CliniExperts.

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