Registration of Manufacturers, Importers and Packers (Packaging and Warehouse Registration) under Rule 27 in India


    CliniExperts provides regulatory solutions and has a current Drug Wholesale License for bringing medical devices into India. The qualified team at CliniExperts will guide you through each stage of the application procedure with minimal paperwork and hassle-free. In addition, CliniExperts will assist in the application process in obtaining the legal registration for the companies selling the pre-packaged commodities in India.

    Registration of Manufacturers, Importers and Packers (Packaging and Warehouse Registration) under Rule 27– Overview

    The Legal Metrology under the Department of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution is the regulatory body involved in this service. The time taken for the license approval is 90 days.

    Companies selling pre-packaged commodities in India must register as per this rule. According to the Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodity) Rules, 2011, the business, goods, and warehouses are all registered, making it possible for the products to be sold in India. It applies to anybody who wishes to sell, distribute, or deliver pre-packaged goods in India, including manufacturers, packers, importers, and marketers.

    Importer and manufacturer who wants to apply for this service need to follow the process:

    • Manufacturer and importer should register their company online
    • Selection of importer and packer/ manufacturer and packer as per the importer or manufacturer/marketer in India.
    • Entering information about the business, its goods, and its warehouses
    • Uploading the relevant documents and filling out signed forms
    • Uploading the draft label
    • Online fee payment (Rs. 500)
    • Uploading the payment challan
    • Submitting the application
    • Following up on the grant of registration
    • Obtaining the Registration certificate under Rule 27 of the LMPCR

    Who Can Apply?

    A manufacturer, packer, importer, and marketer who wants to sell, distribute or deliver their pre-packaged commodities in India can apply for this service.

    How To Apply?

    Registration of manufacturer, packer, or importer of the pre-packaged commodity for sale, distribution or delivery can apply through the following procedure:

    The company should register itself online
    Selecting the importer, manufacturer and packer selection in India.
    Filing the details of the company, products, and warehouses.
    Uploading all the filled and signed formats associated with documents.
    Uploading the draft label
    Acquiring the Registration certificate required by LMPCR Rule 27.

    Fee Involved

    The Government charges specific fees of 500 INR to legalize the companies, products, and warehouses in India.


    The legal registration of companies, products, and warehouses under the Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodity) Rules, 2011 has no fixed maturity. Instead, the License is valid for a lifetime unless the Government makes amendments.

    Important Documents

    The essential documents involved are: Trade License Rent or Ownership and electricity bills Partnership deed Monogram or Trademark (Photocopy of the label) Land Conversion Certificate NOC from PCB, WB Certificate under seed act Food license for food items Liquor License Explosive License ID proofs self-attested Directors/partners list Draft label COI, MOA, AOA Product details Warehouse details

    Timeline to get Form from Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation

    The timeline to get Registration is 90 days

    Essential Tips

    The following 3 main tips will be beneficial during the application process:

    The address proof with electricity bills is essential for all applied addresses.

    GST and PAN cards are required for the company with warehouse addresses covered by the GST.

    ID documents for all directors and landowners must be submitted with the application. The probability of an inquiry rises if these conditions are not met.

    The owner's NOC and identification are required if the property is leased.

    The drafted label must adhere to the LM Packaged Commodity Rules, 2011, and any subsequent revisions.

    Company GST must include the addition of every warehouse address. Failure to take care of these issues results in a query for each application.

    Expert Advise

    CliniExperts provides the following advice to their clients-

    Some documents considered mandatory and significant include the address proof with bills, NOC's, and ID cards of directors and property owners.

    All of the product names must be included in the registration form. Only the company is permitted to import/manufacture, pack, and sell the items listed in the registration certificate in India.

    The LM Packaged Commodity Rules must be followed while preparing the Draft label.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the Trade license mandatory for the registration process?

    Yes, a trade license is one of the crucial documents that have to be in the dossier.

    What happens when a company does not have a Trade License?

    If the company does not have a trade license, an affidavit on Rs. 10 stamp paper must be submitted in its place.

    What address proof documents are presented in the dossier?

    In the application file, a lease agreement, ownership documents such as sales deed, electricity bill, no objection certificate from property owner, ID proof of tenant and owner are some of the address proof documents are acceptable in the dossier.

    Is it necessary to indicate the importing country in the application for imported goods?

    In the application for imported goods, it was necessary earlier to indicate the importing country. However, it is now an optional thing.

    Are the wholesalers or distributors also required to obtain the Packer registration?

    No. The wholesalers or distributors do not require the Packer registration. However, it is mandatory if a manufacturer, packer, importer, or marketer of pre-packaged commodities wishes to sell, distribute, or deliver their product in India.

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