FSSAI Compliance

FSSAI Compliance

It is required to ensure FSSAI compliance for products before launching in the Indian market. The different aspects involved in the FSSAI compliance are:

Food Products Label and Claims Validation

It is very important to understand the risks created by non-complying food labeling. Poorly designed food labels expose food manufacturers to a range of regulatory risks. Products that deviate from regulations in any particular are considered “misbranded”. Food companies prevent misbranding by undertaking label and claim compliance validation. CliniExperts with an experience of validating 1000+ labels from various categories of food products have been assisting the industries in complying with the FSSAI laid labeling and claim regulations.

A packaged food or beverage product is not market-ready until its labeling has undergone a thorough compliance audit. Labeling compliance is of equal importance as designing an aesthetically perfect label.

FSSAI Labelling Regulation, begins with the general requirement, but run on for key labeling requirements depending up on the nature of the product, its intended use, the target population, specific ingredients, label dimensions and various other parameters. The labels are not only required to have mandatory information on them, but also require that the claims and advertisements on them are in compliance to the FSSAI laid norms.

The FSSAI has also stated separate rules and regulations for the Display of information to regulate the marketing and distribution of food by restaurants, caterers, quick service chains and online retailers. The rules and regulations states the required mandatory information for the Food service establishments and E-commerce websites.

Labeling rules are not only vast, dense, and potentially confusing – they are also subject to change and thus may be missed at times. Keeping pace and corresponding with these constant updates is often difficult for the Food Business Operators.

Our team at CliniExperts with an experience of 1000+ labels, have been assisting Food Businesses to become compliant with these regulations. We take a stringent and systematic approach to compliance, but we also appreciate the ambitions of our clients.

To avail our Food Regulatory Services, please drop us an email on contact@cliniexperts.com or call us at +91-7672005050.


Food Products Claim Substantiation:

Claims and Advertisements of Food Products are strictly monitored by FSSAI in India. The claims or advertisement that are not in compliance to the regulations or have not been scientifically substantiated are considered “misleading”. As the food supplements industry in India has grown rapidly, the cases of misleading claims have also increased. Only a few Food companies understand the commercial risks of misleading claims. The claims and advertisement on food products have been standardized by FSSAI again in 2018. However, for the other type of claims that are not standardized under these regulations, requires the food business operators to refer relevant scientific data and retain the documentary evidence of such data. The food business operator shall submit the documented scientific data to the Food Authority as and when called for.

Understanding the need of the product, we assist our clients in the substantiation of required claims for labeling and advertisement purpose. We help our clients to gather scientific literature, conduct clinical trials on their specific food products, including functional foods, for the required purposes.

Our claim substantiation and clinical trial services not just helps the FBOs to satisfy the regulators, but becomes a key marketing tool to satisfy the consumers and other stakeholders of the Food product.

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Food Products Formula Compliance Check

In India, for Food Products, whether Manufactured or Imported to India, it is important to comply with the regulations. There are some food ingredients or additives that can be used in the food products in their country of origin, but the same might not be permitted to be used in India. Therefore, Food Product Compliance Check is an important requirement for the Food Business Operators to conform to the regulatory standards as per Indian Food Safety Authority.

The process for formula compliance check is a tedious process which requires a complete knowledge and great understanding of the standards for food products and the food category system of the Food Safety and Standards Regulations. For the commodities that have their standards as per the Indian Food Regulations are required to adhere to them. Whereas in case of Proprietary foods, the ingredients and additives are distinguished in the regulations. If any food ingredient or additive has not been specified in the regulations, it requires non-specified food approval from FSSAI, to be manufactured or imported in India.

Analysis of product formula is also required to ensure the use of approved ingredients and additives within their permissible limits as per the Food Category laid down by FSSAI in respective regulations and standards. We at CliniExperts also ensure that RDA compliance of nutrients as per the product’s category and claims.

The Food Safety and Standards Regulations are vast and constantly amended by FSSAI which needs to be well read with correct interpretation for appropriate implementation to ensure compliance. FSSAI often releases notices, directions and gazette to update and amend these regulations, which are often missed by the FBOs.

CliniExperts have been assisting its clients in ensuring Formula compliance as per the latest regulations and directions issued by FSSAI.

We at CliniExperts recommend that before manufacturing or importing foods into Indian market, food companies shall avail Formula compliance check as per the Indian regulations. If you are interested in launching a food product in the Indian market and would like to avail the Food Regulatory services from us, please do not hesitate to drop us an email on contact@cliniexperts.com or call us at +91-7672005050.


Food Product Categorization

Food Product Categorization is an important requirement to ensure that the product is formulated and marketed as per the Food Category System under the Food Safety and Standards Regulations. The food categories are required to be added in the license of the Food Business Operators and are also mandatorily required to be mentioned in the labeling information. The product categorization requires formula analysis and understanding the nature and intended use of the product.

The vast categorization system often confuses FBOs, who then end up making “misleading” labels. We at CliniExperts have an experience of working with variety of categories of food products and have helped various Food companies in categorizing their products, ensuring compliance for them as per the Regulations.

The categorization has vast implication on the marketing and labeling of the product. The categories of food products have their own restrictions on the use of ingredients and additives. Specific labeling requirements are also associated with each one of them.

We at CliniExperts have assisted food product companies including those of functional foods from all categories to enter the Indian market with 100% compliance to regulations.

To avail the Food Regulatory services from us, please do not hesitate to drop us an email on contact@cliniexperts.com or call us at +91-7672005050.

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