Get authorized agent support for all your post approval changes to drug substance for already approved drugs or drug manufacturing site.

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    CliniExperts is a CDCSO-authorized agent in India. CliniExperts has a valid Drug Wholesale License in Forms 20B and 21B. It can act as an authorized agent for importing drugs and selling foreign manufactured products in the Indian market. The expert professionals at CliniExperts assist in the hassle-free processing of regulatory affairs in accordance with CDSCO guidelines.


    Post approval changes are the amendments made by the manufacturer in the already approved drug or manufacturing site as per the registration.

    Who Can Apply

    A CDSCO authorised local Indian agent can apply for Post Approval Change services on behalf of a foreign manufacturer who does not possess an established business in the Indian market.

    Inclusions In Post Approval Change Service

    Post Approval Change services include:

    Changing the shelf life of the registration certificate (RC) by extending or reducing its validity.

    Changes like deletion of the manufacturing site involved in the manufacturing of the product.

    Services like changes in the manufacturing process, packaging, labelling, or documentation pertaining to the product.

    Changing the name of the manufacturer without change in change in constitution

    Changing foreign manufacturer address except for location

    Changing in address of registered manufacturer in RC without change of location

    Addition of manufacturer site involved in product manufacturing

    Changes in the pharmacopeial specification of drug ingredients in finish product formulation in RC.

    Essential Tips


    There are three important points that need to be kept in mind while applying for the license:

    To begin with, a valid registration certificate of the manufactured product is necessary for the process of license preparation and submission.

    Only a CDSCO Authorised Indian agent can submit the application

    All the documents should be according to the post approval checklist

    During the submission process, manufacturers can experience difficulties if the registration certificate is expired, or if the application is not filed on a timely basis. The process can get tough if a proper justification for changes is not provided. The application could get overruled if these changes impact the quality, safety, efficacy, and stability of the drug. Thus, all the above tips should be meticulously followed.

    Expert Advise

    The CliniExperts professionals have some advice for their clients regarding the licensing and documentation process.

    All the documents must fulfil the requirement given in the CDSCO checklist.

    A government fee will be applied as per the CDSCO requirement.

    If applicable, the NRA approval and justification for post approval change will be required.

    Primary Service

    Wholesale License (Form 20B, 21B)

    Regulatory Body: SLA   Application Forms: Form 19

    CliniExperts offer strategic planning services during product registration in addition to finding distributors and acting as an authorized agent in India. Our hand in glove approach ensures that at no point you find yourself battling with any process by yourself.

    Who Can Apply

    The applicant who wishes to store, distribute and sale the drugs in wholesale cn apply for wholesale License. The person should be a Registered pharmacist (RP) who have a degree or diploma in pharmacy from a recognized university or competent person (CP). Further, arrange one person with same competency for it.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can we make changes to the already approved drug?

    Yes, changes in an approved drug can be done by Post Approval Change application. These services can be done with the help of an authorized agent like Cliniexperts. While applying, applicants shall submit a clear statement about the effect of change on quality, stability, validation, animal toxicity & clinical (safety & efficacy) status of the drug.

    Is there any form used for post approval applications?

    Yes. There are specific forms to be filled for specific changes.

    What are the requirements for Form 40?

    Form 40 is required for any changes to be made in the registration certificate (Form 41).

    Does the application for post approval changes include a fee?

    Yes. As per the government charges for minor changes is 1800 USD and for major changes is 5000 USD.

    What kind of problem can be faced while filing an application?

    If you do not possess a valid RC or have expired RC, you cannot avail of post approval services.

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