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How to get Cosmetic Registration/ Form 43 in India?

If you are a successful global cosmetic brand or a cosmetic company planning to expand into new markets, CliniExperts can be your trusted brand partner in India.

Cosmetic Registration Process

India stands with the second largest population in the world and offer great market for Cosmetic Products. The Central Drug Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) is the regulating body for beauty products under regulations governed by Cosmetic Act 1940 & Rules 1945. Manufacturers, Indian Authorised agents and subsidiary companies can apply for Registration Certificate through SUGAM portal. As an organization, new to Indian business, you may find the registration process intimidating. But with the right guidance, one can get through easily.

The Process Of Registration Is As Follows:

Form 42

  • It is a predefined Performa by CDSCO to be filled to obtain Registration certificate.
  • Form 42 can be filled online using the “Sugam” portal.
  • It includes details about the premises of manufacturing, description of cosmetic products, brand name, pack size and their variants.
  • Form 42 is accompanied by several documents.


  • Form 42(Duly signed and stamped) with other relevant documents are submitted to Drugs Controller General (I), CDSCO, New Delhi.
  • Challan indicating the amount paid in INR along with the details of the importer is submitted in support of the application.

Registered (Form 43)

  • Form 43 is also called as the Registration Certificate.
  • The Registration Certificate shall be produced by the authorised importer/distributer/Indian authorised agent as and when required by the licensing authority.
  • It can be obtained in approximate three months
  • Form 43 is valid for three years
  • Government fees is 2000 USD per category and 50 USD per variant

Documents you need to obtain Form 43/ Cosmetic Registration in India

Power of Attorney

It is a document that indicates the legal relationship between the manufacturer and importer and lists out the products, the categories being registered and the pack sizes to be imported.

Schedule DIII

Gives the details of the manufacturer and manufacturing premises

Free Sale Certificate

It lists the products and is a declaration that the enlisted products are freely sold in the country of origin

Cover letter

The purpose of the application has to be mentioned clearly. This document is provided by the importer.

Application in Form 42

This is generated online after payment of the government fee and signed and stamped copy of the same must be provided by the importer


Some other documents include Challan, GMP Certificate /Manufacturing License copy, COA, product artwork, Product Formula

Compliance And Analysis For Evaluation

While registering as a cosmetics supplier in India, you need to ensure that your product is identified under the right categories, with the right components, and is compliant with regulations.

We can help you with product analysis, compliance, and categorization to ensure an easy and successful registration.


The content of your product needs to comply with the Bureau of Indian Standards and Drugs & Cosmetic Rules, 1945. Specific guidelines are also available for inner and outer labelling, ingredients, and coloring. CliniExperts runs a check on all these requirements when analysing your product to ensure that it fits Indian regulatory guidelines.


Cosmetic as well as personal care products cover a wide range of categories. These are defined on the basis of the intended use of the product, the region where the product is applied and so on. The regulatory authority in India, has prepared the guidelines for import and registration in which they have laid down roughly 80 categories for cosmetic products. These range from skin care products, oral hygiene products, hair care products and nail care products etc


Your product and all your documents should comply in every way to the regulatory guidelines. You need to comply with the labelling guidelines given by CDSCO as per the registered category of your product. We help you through the compliance procedures and ensure that you miss nothing when registering your product for exporting to India.

Authorized Agent Support/ Registration Holder

CliniExperts can act as an authorised agent and can represent your organization as your Authorized Indian Representative/ Agent in accordance to Indian Regulatory Requirements without any commercial conflict of interest activities like product distribution, product marketing, product sales etc.

Distributor Identification

A successful product launch needs the right distribution channel that connects you to customer. We help you identify ideal distributors to create the right entry channel for your cosmetics in India also identify an Indian E-commerce partner & establish a partnership to open popular platforms to reach your customers.

Market Research And Price Research

By 2025, the Indian cosmetics market would grow to $20 billion. Our research services will help you understand Indian consumer preferences and guide you in choosing the right pricing strategy to appeal Indian buyers.

Joint Venture With Indian Manufacturers

It is always wise to have a local player associated with you when taking an entry into a new market. Taking the entry path through a joint venture can give you several benefits such as easy access to the Indian distribution networks.


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