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Over the years, we have forged an in-depth understanding of the rules laid down by the FSSAI through careful monitoring of the changing laws and constant professional liaison with apex regulatory bodies of India. Our committed team of experts is constantly prepared for challenges and changes in order to help you achieve your goal along with our license without any hassles. All matters related to FSSAI compliance and import assistance is handled by us at CliniExperts with strategic planning and technical acumen.

Product Compliance as per FSSAI Guidelines

Compliance Check for Formula
Categorization of Products/Ingredients
Label and Claims Validation
Claims Substantiation

FSSAI License (Form C) – Registration, State and Central License

State License
Central License

Non – Specified Product/ Ingredient Approval

Import Assistance

IEC Number
FSSAI Importers License
Product Compliance
Non-Specified Product/ Ingredient Approval
Sanitary Import Permit for Food Products and Ingredients

Product Compliance as Per FSSAI GUIDELINES

Getting an FSSAI license is not enough. One must comply with the Food Safety and Standards Regulations. There are several guidelines and regulations under FSSAI which keeps on updating. This makes it difficult for the Food Business operators in India to keep themselves updated. We provide complete support to our clients for the FSSAI compliance of their products and facilities in India. Being a consultant, we offer the complete guidance and solutions in following systems:

FSSAI LICENSE (FORM C) – Registration, State
and Central License

All Food Business Operators in India are mandatorily required to have an FSSAI issued license for their premises as per the kind of activities they perform. We guide our clients through the entire journey of obtaining License or Registration.
Through our extensive network and professional liaison with the Regulatory Authorities, we support FBOs such as manufacturers, importers, re-packers, re-labelers, retailers, caterers, restaurateur, hotelier, wholesaler, storage units, food transporters, canteens, food processing units and any other food business operators in food chain get a license depending upon the activity, size and scale of business.

Our Services also include Modification, Renewal and obtaining Duplicate License.

FSSAI License Form C - New License, Renewal & Modifications

Non–Specified Product / Ingredient Approval

FBOs that manufacture or import the products falling outside the purview of established Food standards and categorization system, are required to file an application for the Non-Specified Food Product or Ingredient Approval with FSSAI in the applicable category:

Non-Specified Food Product or Ingredient Approval with FSSAI

The approval is required before the commencement of its manufacturing or import in India.
We at CliniExperts extend our support throughout the process of preparing and filing of good quality applications to FSSAI Non-Specified Food Approval department. We carry out a checklist based evaluation of all the documents before submission, in order to ensure that all the requirements have been met ensuring fast pace approval. Our dedicated team constantly keeps a track of application to ensure that the product approval process is carried out smoothly. We have a proven track record of supporting numerous prestigious brands achieve fast product approval from FSSAI.


Import Assistance

We provide complete regulatory solutions for Food Business Operators trying to venture in India and the Indian importers of food products for all the compliance related activities as per the regulatory requirements, helping them understand and overcome the regulatory obstacles.

Complete regulatory solutions for Food Business Operators trying to venture in India and the Indian importers of food products

Entry to Indian Market

IEC Number - Entry to Indian Market - FSSAI

Import Export Code is a 10 digit number that is a mandatory requirement to carry out any Import-Export Business in India. It is issued by Directorate General of Foreign Trade. We assist our client in filing new application, and its modification.


FSSAI Importers License - Entry to Indian Market - FSSAI

All the food business operators who wish to import any food products like finished products, ingredients, additive, processing aids, enzymes, microbes, prebiotic, probiotics etc. in India are mandatorily required to have an FSSAI Importer License issued by the Central Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. We offer assistance in filing the new application, renewal and modification of the same.

FSSAI Importers

Product Compliance as per FSSAI Guidelines & Non-Specified Product Approvals - Entry to Indian Market - FSSAI

Product sold in India must be compliant with FSSAI laid regulations in terms of formulation, categorization, labels and claims. For the non-approved products, non-specified food approval must be obtained from FSSAI to enable its market.

Product Compliance as per FSSAI Guidelines & Non-specified Product Approvals

Sanitary Import Permit - Entry to Indian Market - FSSAI

Special permit issued by Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries under Ministry of Agriculture is required for the import of Meat and meat products, Egg and egg products, Milk and milk products, and pet food products of animal origin. Also the Department issues Sanitary Import Permit for other non-food products like bovine, ovine and caprine embryos, ova or semen, etc.

Import Permit

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Update on Food Safety and Standards (Labelling and Display) Regulations Draft, 2018

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India on April 11, 2018 has published the Draft for Food Safety and Standards (Labelling and Display) Regulations, 2018. These regulations propose to prescribe the labelling requirements of pre-packaged foods and display of essential information on premises where food is manufactured, processed, served […]

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FSSAI Draft Norms for E-Commerce FBO’s

To ensure safety FSSAI has come up with draft norms for e-commerce FBO's. It is now mandatory to obtain licenses for all online Food Businesses and supply chain

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Regulatory Guidelines for Proprietary Food in India

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is actively working in rendering safety and nutritiously balanced food to the people of the country. Recently, the new guidelines for proprietary food in India came into force from August 22, 2016.

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Expected Changes in FSSAI Labeling Regulations and Gazetted Alcoholic Beverage Regulations

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India on April 5, 2018, published a gazette notification of Food Safety and Standards (Alcoholic Beverages) Regulations 2018 and on April 11, 2018, it published the Draft Food Safety and Standards (Labelling and Display) Regulations, 2018.

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Comparison of Initial Draft and Final Gazette Regulations for Alcoholic Beverages

FSSAI has framed regulations specifying the standards for the production and packaging of alcoholic beverages, the draft of which was released in September 2016. With Amendments, these regulations i.e. Food Safety and Standards (Alcoholic Beverages Standards) Regulations, 2018, specify the standards for manufacturing Alcoholic beverages and their packaging which include: […]

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Self-Assessment/Audit of Unit for GMP/GLP Compliance

The Indian government has brought about some major changes with regards to the rules and regulations governing the manufacturing to enhance the quality of products used in the healthcare industry. As India being a major market for the healthcare-related products and its services, these modifications to the existing regulations are […]

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FSSAI Regulations for Caffeinated Beverages

FSSAI has added standards for caffeinated beverages and use of blue tint in the plastic bottles related to beverages non-alcoholic carbonated food products

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