Food Regulatory Services

food regulatory services

Over the years, we have forged an in-depth understanding of the rules laid down by the FSSAI through careful monitoring of the changing laws and constant professional liaison with apex regulatory bodies of India. Our committed team of experts is constantly prepared for challenges and changes in order to help you achieve your goal along with our license without any hassles. All matters related to FSSAI compliance and import assistance is handled by us at CliniExperts with strategic planning and technical acumen.

FSSAI License Consultant
  • Licensing Registration
  • Registration
  • State License
  • Central License
  • Advisory Services for
    FSSAI (Licensing &
    Registration) Regulations
    Compliance and
  • Import Assistance
  • FSSAI Compliance
  • Categorization of food products/ingredients
    as per FSSR, 2011 and Proprietary Foods
  • FSSAI License
  • Product Approval
  • IEC Number
  • Fssai Compliance
  • Labelling & Claim Compliance
  • Ingredient Analysis and RDA
  • Formulation Designing
  • Product Testing from NABL
  • Clinical trials for Claim Support

import assistance

We provide end to end support to the food manufacturers and companies trying to venture in Indian market helping them understand and overcome the regulatory obstacles.

Fssai Compliance

Understanding guidelines, regulations and their meticulous implementation is a cumbersome task. We provide end to end support to the ingredient/additive, food and nutraceutical importers in India for obtaining FSSAI compliance which includes labelling analysis as per the FSSAI Packaging and Labelling regulations, ingredient and additive analysis, RDA analysis, formulation designing and review for product compliance as per acceptability in FSSAI. We assist our clients obtain the applicable FSSAI license (Form C), prepare and review the import documents and identify CHA for hassle-free import. Our robust follow-ups with the FSSAI officials for the application enables them receive swift approvals/NOC.

There are several categories of food products and ingredients as per Food Safety and Standards Regulation (FSSR), 2011 and recently introduced Proprietary Foods Guidelines which need to be kept in mind for filing the application in correct category. The selection of category largely depends on the added ingredients in the food product. We help our clients select the right category of product/ingredient to obtain the appropriate FSSAI license and approvals swiftly.

All food importers need to obtain a Central License under the Import Category which will enable them to import their products to India. The filing under the right product category is required to obtain the license. With our in-depth knowledge and years of experience with the FSSAI Licensing Authority, we support our clients throughout the process until the license is obtained successfully and speedily.

Products with even slight deviations from FSSAI Regulations need to obtain product approvals from the FSSAI. The products falling outside the purview of food safety established for ingredients used needs to approach the scientific panel of FSSAI. We provide end to end solutions for product analysis, labeling compliance and filing of the unambiguous applications to the FSSAI for speedy approvals. We have a proven track record of supporting numerous prestigious brands achieve fast product approval from FSSAI.

IEC number (a 10-digit number) is a must for starting any import/export business in India. We file the IEC applications on behalf of our clients to enable them obtain IEC number and help them start their import/export business.

FSSAI Compliance

There are several guidelines and regulations under FSSAI which keep updating. It becomes difficult for manufacturers and importers in India to keep themselves updated on the same. We provide end to end support to the manufacturers and importers in India for the FSSAI compliance. Being an FSSAI license consultant, Our services include but are not limited to labeling analysis as per the FSSAI Packaging and Labelling regulations, 2011, ingredient and additive analysis, RDA analysis, formulation designing and review for product compliance as per acceptability in FSSAI.

We assist our clients obtain the applicable FSSAI license(Form C)/ Registration (Form A). Our robust follow-ups with the FSSAI officials enable our clients receive swift approvals/NOC for the applications. All the help you need in overcoming the complicated and multi-striated regulations of FSSAI is provided by the strategic team at CliniExperts.

Labeling and Claim Compliance

There are numerous regulations for food packaging and labelling to be followed in India as set by FSSAI. All the food business operators need to follow the minutest details of these regulations if the product is intended to be sold in India. Also, the health and nutritional claims are restricted on the label as per set regulations with certain provisions. We are well versed with these labelling guidelines and regulations and provide comprehensive labelling and claim compliance services to our clients enabling them safeguard any penalties and queries.

Ingredient and RDA Analysis

There are certain ingredients/additives which are prohibited as per the Food Safety and Standard Regulations in India. Also, the RDA for nutrients is required to be as per the ICMR dictated industry standards in most cases. We provide ingredient and RDA analysis services to our clients which enables them to be compliant with the FSSAI norms.

Formulation Designing

Passionate food companies keep developing new food products for the competitive and lucrative Indian market. With the ongoing R&D, manufacturers need to check for thorough regulatory compliance of the products as per FSSAI in India that makes the formulation designing compliant with the set norms and increase the possibility of speedy approval. We provide regulatory guidance throughout the process of formulation designing of your product facilitating applicability of permissible health claims and ingredient/additive compliance as a whole.

Product Testing from NABL

There are several food safety parameters that need to be checked before the launch of any product in the market. This process is an ongoing one even when the product is launched in the market for consumers. The Food Safety Officers (FSO) keep analyzing samples from the market in NABL labs to check for safety and quality compliance which in-turn establishes safety of food for the consumers. In collaboration with the NABL labs, we provide the guidance in selection of parameters for physical, chemical, biological safety and stability studies assuring the overall safety of their products in the market.

Clinical trials for Claim Support

As part of our systematic approach and strategic planning, we organize clinical trials for our clients if required in order to achieve claim support.

licensing and registration

We guide our clients through the entire journey of obtaining Product/Site/Retail/Marketing License and Registration as it is mandatory to obtain Food License before any food business activity. Through our extensive network and professional liaison with the Regulatory Authorities, we support FBOs such as manufacturers, importers, re-packers, re-labelers, retailers, caterers, restaurateur, hotelier, wholesaler, storage units, food transporters, canteens, food processing units and any other food business operators in food chain get a license depending upon the size and scale of business. Our services also include Modification, Renewal and Duplicate License.

FSSAI State license

  • FSSAI Central license
  • FSSAI Central license
  • FSSAI Central license
  • FSSAI State license
  • FSSAI State license


We provide one click access to all small and medium food business operators to get themselves registered under FSSAI and continue food business smoothly. The application is filed in Form A online.

The State License is issued by State Licensing Authorities to FBOs having a turnover up to 20 crores or certain production capacity as applicable. Online State Licensing is available in 33 states of India. We assist our clients in filing of the state license application (Form B) online as well physically submitting unambiguous documents for speedy authorization of license.

The Central License is issued by Central Authority to FBOs having a turnover greater than 20 crores and includes FBOs such as all importers, all 100% exporters, all proprietary foods, all defense canteens and food catering premises in Central Government Agencies. We assist our clients in filing of the central license application (Form B), online submission of unambiguous documents for speedy authorization of license.

We provide advisory support to our clients for all the License, Registration, Site, Product and Label Compliance services as per FSSAI Regulations.

product approval

The products deviating from FSSAI regulations require product approval from FSSAI. The products falling outside the purview of food safety established for ingredients used need to approach the scientific panel of FSSAI. In order to help clients receive approval for their products, we at CliniExperts extend our support throughout the process of preparing and online filing of applications to FSSAI product approval department. Product formulation and label suggestions are also discussed with the client with special reference to FSSAI guidelines.

A checklist based evaluation is carried out before submission of document in order to ensure that all regulations have been met. Our dedicated team constantly updates itself about changes in regulations and also carries out follow up enquiries to ensure that the approval process is carried out smoothly. We have a proven track record of supporting numerous prestigious brands achieve fast product approval from FSSAI.

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import license holder

We hold a valid Import License for food and act as authorized agent for our clients, reducing time for entry in India.

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FSSAI Regulations for Caffeinated Beverages

FSSAI has added standards for caffeinated beverages and use of blue tint in the plastic bottles related to beverages non-alcoholic carbonated food products

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FSSAI extends food licensing, registration deadline to February 4, 2015

FSSAI has extended the deadline for obtaining licences and securing registration for FBOs under FSSR, 2011, by six months. The new deadline is February 4, 2015

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Keeping You Informed: An Update on FDA’s Judicious Use Strategy for Antimicrobial Drugs in Food-Producing Animals

Today, “antibiotic resistance” is a widely recognized concern. With the rise of bacteria that are resistant to many, and in some cases, all standard treatments, scientists and medical professionals are not alone in focusing on this problem.

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FDA Refines Its Thinking on Nanotechnology

FDA finalized three guidance documents that address various aspects of the use of nanotechnology in products regulated by the agency

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FSSAI Draft Norms for E-Commerce FBO’s

To ensure safety FSSAI has come up with draft norms for e-commerce FBO's. It is now mandatory to obtain licenses for all online Food Businesses and supply chain

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Ginger muscles in on diabetes

Ginger, the common spice and ancient Asian remedy, could have the power to help manage the high levels of blood sugar which create complications for long-term diabetic patients, a University of Sydney study reports.

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Regulatory Guidelines for Proprietary Food in India

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is actively working in rendering safety and nutritiously balanced food to the people of the country. Recently, the new guidelines for proprietary food in India came into force from August 22, 2016.

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FSSAI Compliance Services


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FBO must adhere to FSSAI guidelines, published on website of regulator

Health minister Dr Harsh Vardhan stated that food business operators (FBO) have to adhere to the advisories and guidelines issued by FSSAI since 2011, the year the Food Safety and Standards Regulations (FSSR) were implemented

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