When any company already holds a valid form 43 and wishes to add some more products to it or additional pack sizes for already registered products, then it has to apply for an endorsement using form no 43.

Types of Endorsement:

  • Pack size endorsement
  • New product endorsement

Further, the documents to be provided along with the application include:

  1. A request letter by the applicant on the letterhead of the importer or the authorised agent applying for the Registration duly stamped and signed by the Authorised person.
  2. Registration Certificate against which applicant is seeking the endorsement – This requires details such as the location of the actual manufacturing sites of the products. A single application can cover many brands (read Trademarks/brand names), many variants; many pack sizes and different manufacturing units corresponding to the products applied.
  3. Proof of payment of requisite fee: If the products being endorsed fall in the categories that have not been registered previously, then the category fee of USD 2000 will be applicable .
  4. Power of Attorney: For pack size endorsement, old POA can be used. For addition of new products, new POA has to be drafted.
  5. Schedule D III: Details of the cosmetic products to be imported including the chemical and safety data.
  6. Label and art work thereof (this will contain the details of the actual manufacturer and in cases where the manufacturer is not the brand name owner, the label will at least state, ‘manufactured in XYZ country’)
  7. Free Sale Certificate (FSC)/Marketing Authorisation
  8. Manufacturing License (and attested English translation if not in English), if any: If there are multiple manufacturers for a single product, all manufacturers need to provide these documents.
  9. Product specifications and testing protocols: Details of ingredients used, quality data etc.
  10. Package inserts, if any (copies of any leaflets, product specification data that goes inside the packaging has to be provided. No specific requirement has been listed, it is suggested to provide information about the potential side effects/allergic reactions and other safety concerns and remedies available)
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