List of full categories

List of full categories

Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) under the Ministry of Health and Family welfare published guidelines on registration of import of cosmetics products.

According to the guidelines:

  • Payment of fees – Each application form will be accompanied by a fee of USD 250 or its equivalent Indian rupees for each Brand for each category of cosmetics as mentioned in Column 3 of the table.
  • In any existing valid Registration Certificate – If the applicant wants to add any further brand or product of an already registered category as mentioned in Column 3 of the table for the same manufacturer, separate application will need to be submitted by the importer. But this time no fee will be charged. In such cases, additional product permission will be given to the already approved category in a Registration Certificate.
  • Regarding the essential document power of Attorney – It should mention the list the names of all cosmetic products along with their trade names, Brand as per Column 2 of the table. It should also clearly show variants for example, colour, shades, pack sizes, etc. Further, the name of the cosmetics should be like those mentioned in Form 42.

Brands of Cosmetics Products

Column 1            Column 2                Column 3
1. Skin products 1. Skin care products 1. Face care products other than a face mask
    2. Face mask
    3. Eye contour products
    4. Lip care products
    5. Hand care products
    6. Foot care products
    7. Body care products
    8. External intimate care products
    9. Chemical exfoliation products
    10. Mechanical exfoliation products
    11. Skin lightening products
    12. Other skin care products
  2. Skin cleansing products 1. Soap products
  2. Bath / shower products
  3. Make-up remover products
  4. External Intimate hygiene products
  5. Other skin cleansing products
  3. Body hair removal products
  1. Chemical depilatories
  1. Physical epilation products
  2. Other body hair removal products
  4. Bleach for body hair products 1. Bleach for body hair
  5. Correction of body odour and/or perspiration 1. Products with antiperspirant activity
  2. Products without antiperspirant activity
  6. Shaving and pre- / after- shaving products 1. Products for shaving
  2. Pre- / after-shaving products

3.Various other shaving and pre- / after- shaving products

  7. Make-up products 1. Foundation
  2. Concealer
  3. Other face make-up products
  4. Mascara
  5. Eye shadow
  6. Eye pencil
  7. Eye liner
  8. Other eye make-up products
  9. Lip stick
  10. Lipstick sealer
  11. Other lip make-up products
  12. Body or face paint, including “carneval make-up”.
  13. Other make-up products
  8. Perfumes 1. Hydroalcoholic perfumes
  2. Non hydroalcoholic perfumes
  9. Sun and self-tanning products 1. Before and after sun products Sun protection products
  2. Self-tanning products
  3. Other sun and self-tanning products
  10. Other skin products 1. Other skin products
2. Hair and scalp products 11. Hair and scalp care and cleansing products 1. Hair conditioner
  2. Scalp and hair roots care products
  3. Antihairloss products
  4. Other hair and scalp care and cleansing products
  5. Antidandruff products
  12. Hair colouring products 1. Oxidative hair colour products
  2. Non-oxidative hair colour products
  3. Hair bleaching and dye remover products
  4. Other hair colouring products
  13. Hair styling products 1. Products for temporary hair
  2. Styling Permanent wave products
  3. Hair relaxer / straightener products
  4. Other hair styling products
  14. Other hair and scalp products 1. Hair sun protection products
  2. Other hair and scalp products
3. Nail and cuticle products 15. Nail varnish and remover products 1. Nail varnish / Nail make-up
  2. Nail varnish remover
  3. Nail varnish thinner
  4. Nail bleach
  5. Other nail varnish and remover products
  16. Nail care / nail hardener products 1. Nail care products
  2. Nail hardener
  3. Other nail care / nail hardener products
  17. Nail glue remover products 1. Nail glue remover
  18. Other nail and cuticle products 1. Cuticle remover / softener
  2. Nail sculpting products
  3. Other nail and cuticle products
4. Oral hygiene products 19. Tooth care products 1. Toothpaste
  2. Tooth cleansing powder / salt
  3. Other tooth care products
  20. Mouth wash / breath spray 1. Mouth wash
  2. Breath spray
  3. Other mouth wash / breath spray products
  21. Tooth whiteners 1. Tooth whiteners
  22. Other oral hygiene products 1. Other oral hygiene products
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