India presents great opportunities for the cosmetics industry, considering its ever-growing population, booming household incomes, and fashion consciousness consumers.

Major global MNCs and many emerging cosmetic companies are selling their products in India, which is a huge market for cosmetics. The market is growing at an impressive rate of 25%, surpassing the US and European markets by a significant margin.

Let CliniExperts guide you and be your trusted partner, as you dive into the sea of opportunities that the Indian market presents.

With our guidance through the registration processes (a mandatory procedure), searching distributors, and market research, you can gain a strong foothold in the Indian cosmetics market.


If you are a successful global cosmetic brand or a cosmetic company planning to expand into new markets, CliniExperts can be your trusted brand partner in India.


While registering as a cosmetics supplier in India, you need to ensure that your product is identified under the right categories, with the right components, and is compliant with regulations.

We can help you with product analysis, compliance, and categorization to ensure an easy and successful registration.

The content of your product needs to comply with the Bureau of Indian Standards and Drugs & Cosmetic Rules, 1945. Specific guidelines are also available for inner and outer labelling, ingredients, and coloring. CliniExperts runs a check on all these requirements when analysing your product to ensure that it fits Indian regulatory guidelines

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The categorization of your product is guided by Cosmetics guidelines. Column 3 of the guideline provides the list of product categories that are spread into 11 classes of products. You need to have your product fitted into the right category when registering, and we can help you with the right identification

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Your product and all your documents should comply in every way to the regulatory guidelines. You need to comply with the labelling guidelines given by CDSCO as per the registered category of your product. We help you through the compliance procedures and ensure that you miss nothing when registering your product for exporting to India.

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When it comes to cosmetic products, health is a major concern and hence the government has laid down some very stringent regulatory rules. All cosmetics imported into India must go through a process of registration. As an organization, new to Indian business, you may find registration intimidating. But with the right guidance, you will realize that it is a straightforward process.

The process of registration is as follows:

When applying your RC, you would need these documents:

Covering letter by the applicant
Power of attorney (original).
Required fees.
Form 42: Duly filled and signed
Schedule D III
copy of the Label and Pack insert, if any
Certificate of free sale or manufacturing license or marketing authorization letter (if any)
Product specification and testing protocol
List of countries where Market Authorization or import permission or registration was granted
Soft copies (single pdf<10 MB) of ID proof, Undertaking, Address Proof Document needs to be uploaded and hard copies of the same needs to be submitted to CDSCO office.
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RC Form 43

Received as a fresh registration certificate. If the application is complete and information provided in Schedule D III is in order, CDSCO issues the RC within three months


Used to add new products to existing RC. In the applicant wants to add more brands or products to an already registered category for the same manufacturer, then a separate application will need to be submitted.


The RC is valid for three years from the date of issue, after which it must be renewed.

Amendment in RC

If the changes are minor, such as a change in the ingredient list, or the size of the label, or the ingredient claim, then notify CDSCO about the proposed changes. If the changes are major, such as a change in brand name, or change in the manufacturer or importer name, you must apply for re-registration.


CliniExperts understands the Indian Regulatory laws and acts. We can help you gain this understanding too. We offer services to make your entry into India smooth.

Distributer IdentificationMarket research and Price researchJoint venture with Indian manufacturersTie ups with e-commerceAssistance in company formation

Distributor Identification

A successful product launch needs the right distribution channel that connects you to your customer. We help you identify ideal distributors to create the right entry channel for your cosmetics brand in India.

Market research and Price Research

By 2025, the Indian cosmetics market would grow to $20 billion. Our research services will help you understand Indian consumer preferences and guide you in choosing the right pricing strategy to appeal Indian buyers.

Joint venture with Indian manufacturers

It is always wise to have a local player associated with you when taking an entry into a new market. Taking the entry path through a joint venture can give you several benefits such as easy access to the Indian distribution networks, faster business growth, greater profits, and higher capacities. We help you in identify and connect to the right partner for expanding your business in India.

Tie ups with e-commerce

E-commerce is growing at 19% CAGR rate in India. In the beauty segment, online buyers have increased to over 15%. The future will bring more opportunities for you if you are also present in the E-commerce space. We help you identify an Indian E-commerce partner and establish a partnership to open popular platforms to reach your customers in India.

Assistance in company formation

There are many processes for forming a company in India, which you may not be aware of. We help you sell your products in India through exports, and also handhold you throughout your journey, beginning with the registration and formation of your company in India.


Registered Countries


Products Registered


Product Types


Brand Registered



01 Do I need to submit a single application for all products?

Yes, only if all the products are manufactured by a single manufacturer. But, if the applicant wants to import the same brand made by different manufacturers, then they must submit separate applications and pay separate fees for each manufacturer.In any existing valid RC, if the applicant wants to further add any number brands or products of an already registered category for the same manufacturer, a separate application will have to be submitted by the importer.

02 What if I have an agent in India doing the registration for me?

If authorization by a manufacturer is handled by his authorized agent in India, it would require a Power of Attorney in the name of the agent from the manufacturer

03 What if there is some change in my product specification or ingredient after I have already registered?

If there is change in product specification, ingredients, etc. after the grant of RC, the applicant should notify the CDSCO by submitting revised Schedule D III, a covering letter, changed specifications and ingredients, and a declaration stating that the changes would not impact quality of product already registered and this should be done at least 30 days before the date of import.

04 What details should my container or label have when importing cosmetics to India?

The label should bear the RC number of the brand; name and address of the RC holder; name and address of the manufacturer; and name of the country where the product has been manufactured.

05 Which categories of cosmetic products can I register?

Cosmetic products are broadly categorized into 11 groups: Powders, Creams, lotions, emulsions, pastes, cleansing milks, shampoos, pomade, brilliantine, shaving creams, hair oils. Your products can be - Lipsticks and Lipgloss; Nail polishes and Nail lacquers; Depilatories; Preparations used for eyes; Aerosols; Alcoholic Fragrance Solutions; Hair Dyes; Tooth powder and toothpaste; Toilet soaps

06 What kind of product analysis and compliance do I need to follow?

Product analysis includes looking for whether the products falls in the category of cosmetics, whether they are up to BIS standards and whether ingredients match with that printed on label. While, compliance involves review of labels and packaging, and should be as per the rules.
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