Product Approval

Product Approval

Non-specified Food Approval also nicknamed as Product Approval, is a permission to approve the products and the ingredients not listed in standards and regulations from FSSAI.

FBOs that manufacture or import the products falling outside the purview of established Food standards and categorization system including those of ingredients manufactured using microorganisms, novel food products, botanicals and those manufactured using novel technology, are required to file an application for the Non-Specified Food Product or Food product/Ingredient Approval at FSSAI. FBOs are required to get this approval before starting the business in India.

Food product approval became non-functional after the Supreme Court Order on August 28, 2015. However, regained its functionality in the year 2017 and the revised draft notification for Non- Specified Food approval were released on February 9, 2017 which later were gazette on September 15, 2017.

When filing the application, a comprehensive list of documents and details are required to be submitted to the Authority. Glimpse of it is as below:

  • Common/Generic Name of the product.
  • Product Description and category
  • Brand Name of the product.
  • Country of Origin of the product.
  • End use, Shelf life of the product.
  • Functional and Intended usage of product
  • Method of Manufacture
  • Details on target population of product
  • Package size and Actual/prototype of label of the product.
  • Lab test reports
  • Comprehensive safety data
  • Details of plant, botanical, animals, microorganisms used, if any

The need for risk and safety assessment through the system of Product Approvals is increasing due to rapid growth and diversification in the food industry. But the process is rigorous as there are various steps involved from documentation to validation. It requires high processing fee to be given to FSSAI and a long processing time for product approval process.

Filing of the application requires a strategic approach from the approval perspective. We provide the best solution for this which enables filing of the unambiguous applications to FSSAI for speedy approvals minimizing the chances of any queries. We have a proven track record of supporting numerous prestigious brands achieve fast product approval from FSSAI. We have given our quality and customized services to market leaders in food business owing to their need, facilitating faster product approvals from FSSAI for entry into the billion dollar food industry.

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