Schedule Q with Respect To Cosmetic

Schedule Q with Respect To Cosmetic

The Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945 are the rules which the government of India established through the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940. These rules classify drugs under given schedules and present guidelines for the storage, sale, display and prescription of each schedule.

Schedule Q is one of the schedules under Drugs and Cosmetics rules which describes the list of dyes, colours and pigments permitted to be used in cosmetics and soaps. Schedule Q further consists of two parts:

Part I: It consists of the list of dyes, colours and pigments permitted to be used in cosmetics and soaps as per amended by the BIS from time to time

Part II: It consists of the list of colours permitted to be used in Soap.

As per Schedule Q synthetic Organic Colours and Natural Organic Colours used in the Cosmetics that are permitted for use shall not contain more than:

  • 2 parts per million of Arsenic calculated as Arsenic Trioxide.
  • 20 parts per million of lead calculated as lead.
  • 100 parts per million of Heavy Metals other than lead calculated as the total of the respective metals.

The list of approved colours and dyes as per Schedule Q Part I

1. Guinea Green B 2. 38. Toluidine Red
3. Light Green SF Yellowish 4. Flaming Red
5. Tartrazine 6. Deep Red (Maroon)
7. Sunset yellow FCF 8. Alba Red
9. Ponceau 3R 10. Orange G
11. Amarnath 12. Orange II
13. Erythrosine 14. Dichlorofluorescein
15. Ponceau SX 16. Dichlorofluorescein. NA
17. Brilliant Blue FCF 18. Diiodofluorescein
19. Indigo carmine 20. Erythrosine Yellowish NA
21. Wool Violet 5 BN (Acid- violet 6B) 22. Erythrosine Yellowish K
23. Light Green SF Yellowish 24. Erythrosine Yellowish NH
25. Alizarin Cyanine Green F 26. Orange TR
27. Quinizarine Green SS 28. Alizarin
29. Fast Green FCF 30. Dibromodiiodofluorescein
31. Acid Fast Green 32. Resorcin Brown
33. Pyranine Concentrated 34. Alphazurine FG
35. Quinoline Yellow WS 36. Allarin Astrol B
37. Quinoline Yellow SS 38. Indigo
39. Ponceau 2 R 40. Patent Blue NA
41. Lithol Rubin B. 42. Patent Blue CA
42. Lithol Rubin BCA 43. Curbrantherene Blue
44. Lake Red D. 45. Napthol Blue Black
46. Lake Red DBA 47. Alizurol purple SS
48. Lake Red DCA 49. Acid Red 89
50. Toney Red 51. Acid Red 97
52. Oil Red OS 53. Acid Blue 1
54. Tetrabromofluorescein 55. Food Blue 3
56. Eosin TS 57. Natural Orange
58. Eosin YSK 59. Solvent Blues 4
60. Tetrachlorofluorescein NA 61. Solvent Yellow 18
62. Tetrachlorofluorescein K 63. Food Yellow 18
64. Tetrachloro Tetrabromofluorescein 65. Solvent Red 1
66. Phloxine B 67. Solvent Yellow 32
68. Bluish Orange T.R. 69. Fanchon Yellow
71. Helindone Pink CN. 72. (Hansa Yellow G)
73. Deep Maroon (Fanchon Maroon)  

Part II – List of Colours permitted to be used in Soaps.

1. Phthalocyanine Blue
2. Irgalite Red CVPB Paste or Pigment Orange 5
3. Citrus Red No.2
4. Rhodamine B 500
5. Aqueous Green Paste
6. Pigment Yellow 3
7. Irgalite Carmine F-P Powder or Pigments Red 5.
8. Monolite Red 4R HV Paste or Pigment Red 7
9. Oil Red No.1 or Solvent Red 24 or Oil Red 3R.
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