Cosmetic Sample Testing

Cosmetic Sample Testing



Under the influence of western culture, physical appearance has become the utmost concern for every person. Personal care is an indispensible part of our routine where cosmetic products play a large role. Be it for basic hygiene, to aesthetic enhancement or cosmeceuticals, there are cosmetics to cater to every healthcare need available today. To meet the diverse requirements of the Indian population, many cosmetic products are imported in to India. The indigenously manufactured as well as imported products undergo a stringent quality assurance and quality control check before they reach the consumer. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in India ensures the safety and efficacy of all these products as well as analyzes if the product complies with the set quality standards. Moreover, it is compulsory to get the sample tested before filing for cosmetic product’s registration certificate. Such a testing requires tedious practical as well as documentary work. CliniExperts provide all such services under a single roof.  Our team is skillful and experienced with an expertise in facing and overcoming challenges associated with Indian regulatory procedures. We provide hassle free, reliable, and smooth cosmetic sample testing services, right from testing in certified laboratories to the penning down of results in the form of a document.


Cosmetic Sample Testing

The cosmetic product testing should be performed as per Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) requirements as well to meet the criteria for imported cosmetic product registration. Moreover, it should also meet the specifications as per manufacturer, buyer and consumer.


The sample testing includes the following:

  1. Physical and chemical analysis of raw materials and active ingredients;
  2. Safety tests to assess the presence of heavy metals in cosmetics, banned colours and chemicals;
  3. Microbiological quality check to ensure the absence of microbial counts and pathogens;
  4. Qualitative and quantitative estimation of active ingredients;
  5. Physical testing which includes parameters such as viscosity, spread-ability, scratch test, pay-off test;
  6. Estimation of sun protection factor;
  7. Skin irritation and sensitivity studies;
  8. Stability testing, shelf life determination, etc.


CliniExperts: A helping hand

  1. We offer the facility of developing cosmetic testing protocols as per regulatory authorities.
  2. We offer a cost effective support in dealing with regulatory issues.
  3. We offer the facility to get the sample testing done in FDA and CDSCO (under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act) certified laboratories which have gained expertise, experience and are renowned repository of standardization methods as well as testing equipments.
  4. We comply to the standards and instructions of regulatory authorities, with an aim to support the client in getting their samples tested.
  5. We ensure timely delivery of reports to the client as well as regulatory authorities.
  6. Complete client satisfaction is our motto and we adhere to it during the procedure as well as post procedure.
  7. Our end to end services keep the client tension free, but he is updated regarding the status of the testing procedure.




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