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Food Import Assistance

We at CliniExperts are dedicated to provide your firm, wherever around the globe, a full spectrum of regulatory services to venture in the Indian market. With a considerable industry knowledge in the food sector we provide services to the international business owners doing business in India and even those looking for partners for their food venture in India. We provide a comprehensive package of services to these Food Business Operators.

Scenario of Food Import in India

The food import to India is highly regulated and there are a number of regulatory obstacles before importing a food product into the country. It is controlled by Food safety and standards Authority of India (FSSAI). There are numerous regulations, notifications and updates to be followed before food items can be imported and marketed in India. FSSAI has set guidelines for the same. The guidelines have been updated in 2017 wherein after several details have been updated in numerous guidelines and orders. Any concerned company importing the food item has to abide by these regulations.

CliniExperts, leading regulatory food consultants assists in navigating food import in India

You may contact us at CliniExperts, New Delhi for assistance with complex and exhaustive process of food import and safety compliance matters, including:

IEC Number

IEC number (a 10-digit number) is a primary requirement for starting any import/export business in India. We file the IEC applications on behalf of our clients to enable them obtain IEC number from Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) which in-turn helps them start their import/export business in India. Valid for lifetime, it requires only modification in case the details are changed or business is expanded.

FSSAI Importer License

Another important step is obtaining the FSSAI license for importing food items. We at CliniExperts enable our clients obtain the FSSAI Importer license (in Form C). Our robust follow-ups with the FSSAI officials for the application enables our clients to receive license at fast pace.

All the importers need to obtain FSSAI Central License, under the Importer Category, which will enable them to import their food products in India. The filing of right product category is also required to obtain the license. With our in-depth knowledge and years of experience with the FSSAI Licensing Authority, we support our clients throughout the process until the license is received successfully. We also offer assistance in filing the new application, renewal and modification of the same.

Product Compliance as per FSSAI Guidelines

We at CliniExperts provide end to end support to the food and its ingredient importers in India for compliance check as per FSSAI. We analyze the formula to ensure the use of approved ingredients and additives as per the FSSAI regulations. The categorization of food products are equally important. Based on the formula analysis and its intended use, the product has to be categorized correctly as per the Food Categorization System by FSSAI.

Label check is another important aspect of compliance with which we assist our clients as a team. Several regulations as per FSSAI updates are as well involved in analyzing the label which cannot be done if not well versed with regulations. This includes the claims and reference analysis of the same. If required, we also help our clients prepare the appropriate claim backup.

We enable our clients in all these activities to ensure 100% compliance to FSSAI laid regulations

Non-specified Food Approval

FBOs that manufacture or import the products falling outside the purview of established Food standards and categorization system including those of novel food products and those manufactured using novel technology, are required to file an application for the Non-Specified Food Product or Food product/Ingredient Approval with FSSAI. FBOs are required to get this approval before its import or manufacturing in India.

Filing of the application requires a strategic approach from the approval perspective. We provide the best solution for this which enables filing of the unambiguous applications to FSSAI for speedy approvals. We have a proven track record of supporting numerous prestigious brands achieve fast product approval from FSSAI.

Sanitary Import Permit for Food Products and Ingredients

Special permit from Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries (DAHDF) under Ministry of Agriculture is required for the import of Meat and meat products, Egg and egg products, Milk and milk products, and pet food products of animal origin. Also the Department issues Sanitary Import Permit for other non-food products like bovine, ovine and caprine embryos, ova or semen, etc.

We assist our clients in obtaining the Sanitary Import Permit from DAHDF in a hassle free manner.

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