CliniExperts: India’s First Healthcare Regulatory Solutions Provider For Domestic And International Markets

Over the last two decades, the healthcare industry has seen a major consolidation of existing companies and emergence of startups. Many companies are moving from a traditional business approach to newer business verticals like medical devices, value-added wellness products, global licensing, and geographical expansion.

All these areas require major compliance in terms of regulatory & commercialization support. The major challenge is to coach these companies regarding the newer policies and key information which is essential for their business continuum & expansion. Based in India, CliniExperts is the country’s leading regulatory solutions that assist companies to handle such challenges. It offers structured and responsive regulatory services, complying with the highest quality standards. Essentially, it’s the only Indian organization to offer end-to-end regulatory and affiliated business solutions to the life sciences industry.

End-to-end Healthcare Regulatory Solutions

CliniExperts offers end-to-end business solutions which include identification of product opportunity, its regulatory approval, and setting up the sales channels for commercialization. Its structured and responsive services comply with the highest quality standards which caters a vast range of products. Thus, CliniExperts helps clients to ease through various regulatory aspects and acts as a bridge that joins research with the market, bringing quality healthcare products and services to the healthcare sector.

Furthermore, CliniExperts provides value-added services like business intelligence, product portfolio building, distribution set-up, and marketing and logistics solutions that help clients achieve commercial success. Since its inception in 2009, CliniExperts has facilitated unified and market ready outcomes which offer benchmark services for the pharmaceutical, biological and vaccine, medical device, diagnostic kit, food, nutraceutical, cosmetic, and pesticide and insecticide industries.

Quality First Culture with Social Understanding

Since its establishment, CliniExperts’ team has maintained a “quality first” culture in the company’s environment. Therefore, to achieve the best quality in its services, the company followed a process-driven structured workflow. Our India and Singapore office support our clients, as a result, with our “gamut of quality services”, many global firms entered the Indian and South East Asian markets. Till date, CliniExperts has helped over 35 offshore companies to establish their businesses in these regions. It has also secured over 5,000 approvals for its 450+ clients worldwide from various developing and developed countries like the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Spain, Japan, Ireland, etc. Today, CliniExperts is aiming to build new partnerships across the geographies to build a Globally acclaimed organization.

In addition to the quality-centric approach, the management board of CliniExperts believes in the philosophy of“giving back” to the society. The leading healthcare service provider connects with activities that will contribute to improving healthcare facilities for underprivileged. The best thing to mention is that, CliniExperts donates medical devices, medicines, and other essential consumables to charities engaged in rural development. The team of CliniExperts also participates in healthcare programs conducted for children suffering from rare diseases.

Supportive CEO Promoting Team Efforts

Ashwini Kumar, the CEO of CliniExperts is focused on offering efficient and quality driven regulatory affair services to his clients. Committed to the need for absolute perfection and ethical correctness, Ashwini knows that the current reputation and excellent services of CliniExperts are the result of the dedicated work from his highly motivated, talented, and experienced team of professionals. He proudly says, “The team members of CliniExperts have brought us to the current heights in the life science industry as a leading regulatory solutions provider and licensing organization.”

The team of CliniExperts is made of professionals from various related backgrounds including Doctorates, Pharmacy, Food / Nutritional experts, and Medical engineers covering the entire spectrum of Healthcare products. Additionally, to help team members stay updated with the latest regulatory reforms, an expert professional for every team regularly watches for updates on regulatory changes. Today, with the dedicated team of experts, CliniExperts is recognized for its meritocracy, stringent QA and QC standards, up-to-the-minute knowledge base, professionalism, and unquestionable ethics.

Regular Training and Coaching for Continuous Progress

The COO of CliniExperts, Ms Rashmi Verma, believes that they have many miles to go and team at CliniExperts is striving hard towards their goal of expanding the company across the world. To keep the team capabilities updated with the evolving business environment, CliniExperts provides regular training and coaching. The company also offers structured programs, peer-to-peer learning and mentor-mentee coaching for employees.

These programs assist the employees to stay updated with the latest advancements in the life science industry and the ever-changing regulatory scenarios. Likewise, the managing team promotes a culture of empowerment where leaders encourage their employees and trust their abilities to solve the problem. This process develops a mutually-growing environment in the company. In addition, the teams have regular internal project meetings which help them to be on track with the project. To promote knowledge sharing with a culture of continuous improvement, the management team of CliniExperts also provides rewards and recognition for employees.

“Technology is impacting all spheres of life and all industries..,” says Ashwini

According to the well-versed CEO of CliniExperts, technology is the current driving force behind the ongoing improvements in the healthcare industry. It is facilitating precise diagnosis with advanced tools for physicians, patients, and researchers. Likewise, he believes that advancements like digital records instantly enable access to patient history including dates, diagnosis, lab results, treatment, and symptoms.This greatly improves the quality of care.With smart devices, smartphones, smart-watches, and other wearable devices, user can easily measure health conditions like ECG, sleep pattern, exercise pattern, etc. Such advanced technologies are adding new a dimension to the healthcare sector.

Further, highlighting the potential of AI in the healthcare sector, Ashwini adds that, AI with advanced algorithms and analysis of genomics and other data will help to design medical breakthroughs for better clinical outcomes. It will be beneficial especially in the field of oncology and immunology.

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