Schedule S

Schedule S

Schedule S lists various cosmetics and toiletries, and directs the manufacturers of cosmetics to conform to the Bureau of Indian Standards requirements. Imported cosmetic shall comply with the specifications prescribed under Schedule S and Schedule Q or any other standards of quality and safety, applicable to it, and other provisions under the rules. In case the cosmetic is not included under Schedule S, it shall meet with specifications under the rules and standards applicable to it in the country of origin.

List of products in Schedule S

The following cosmetics in finished form shall conform to the Indian Standards specifications laid down from time to time by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)

  1. Skin Powders.
  2. Skin Powder for infants.
  3. Tooth Powder.
  4. Toothpaste.
  5. Skin Creams.
  6. Hair Oils.
  7. Shampoo, Soap-based.
  8. Shampoo, Synthetic-Detergent based.
  9. Hair Creams.
  10. Oxidation hair dyes, Liquid.
  11. Cologne
  12. Nail Polish (Nail Enamel).
  13. After Shave Lotion.
  14. Pomades and Brilliantines.
  15. Depliatories Chemical.
  16. Shaving Creams.
  17. Cosmetic Pencils.
  18. Lipstick
  19. Toilet Soap.
  20. Liquid Toilet Soap.
  21. Baby Toilet Soap.
  22. Shaving Soap.
  23. Transparent Toilet Soap.
  24. Lipsalve IS:10284.
  25. Powder Hair Dye IS: 10350.
  26. Bindi (Liquid) IS: 10998.
  27. Kum Kum Powder IS: 10999.
  28. Henna Powder IS: 11142.]
  29. Bathing Bars IS: 13498: 1997
  30. Sindoor IS: 14649: 1999
  31. Liquid Foundation makeup IS 14318
  32. Cold Wax Hair remover IS 15152
  33. Face pack IS 15153
  34. Kajal IS 15154
  35. Oxidation Hair Dyes (Emulson Type) IS 15205
  36. Cream Bleach IS 15608

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