Sugam – CDSCO Portal for Online Application

Indian Government has chosen to join the foray and ride the digital wave through SUGAM, launched on 14 November, 2015

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Consultation on Medical Device and Diagnostic Kit for India Market

Import and Registration of Medical Devices, Registration certificate of Critical / Notified Diagnostic Kits, Test licence for Medical Device and Diagnostic Kits, Import License for Diagnostic Kits, Manufacturing licence for medical device, Clinical Trial Approval for Medical Devices and Diagnostic Kits

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New Regulations for Medical Devices Industry by CDSCO

Nowadays, therapeutic treatment based on medical devices is providing technologically advanced solutions for the management, diagnosis, treatment,mitigation or prevention of several diseases. Thus, the demand continues to grow in the market at a tremendous rate leading to a renewed interest in the scientific development and research in the field of […]


Self-Assessment/Audit of Unit for GMP/GLP Compliance

The Indian government has brought about some major changes with regards to the rules and regulations governing the manufacturing to enhance the quality of products used in the healthcare industry. As India being a major market for the healthcare-related products and its services, these modifications to the existing regulations are […]


Top Five Trends Changing the Game in Global Healthcare IT

stethoscope in two years, preferring to examine his patients with a handheld ultrasound unit to view a patient’s heart in real-time. In 2012 alone, physicians in the U.S. are expected to increase their use of smartphones and tablets by 81 per cent.


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